Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tell Pres. Obama to save Medicare

President Obama has to decide whether he's going to save Medicare—or whether Republicans will once again get their way by holding the economy hostage.

Democrats in Congress have already taken a strong stand against making any Medicare cuts, but so far the White House has been silent on whether it's willing to compromise with the Republicans' extreme demands.1

Let's send President Obama a message: if he stands up to the Republican hostage takers, we'll have his back.

Republicans have had a lot of success taking the economy hostage and demanding a conservative ideological ransom. And they're at it again—this time over the debt ceiling, which ensures the government doesn't default on its debt.

Normally, this vote is routine, but this time, Republicans are digging in their heels—refusing to vote for the debt ceiling increase—unless their plan to eliminate Medicare is passed.2

But the sand is shifting under the Republicans' feet. They lost in the recent New York special election, which was all about Medicare.3 And their Medicare destruction plan is bombing at the polls.4

The one thing Democrats could do right now to let the Republicans back in the game would be to agree to Medicare cuts. Not only would it betray all the people who rely on Medicare (and all of us who will in the future), it would neutralize any political advantage the Democrats have gained this past month.

Nancy Pelosi is standing strong in the House against any cuts to Medicare.5 But the only way to protect Medicare from Republican attacks is for President Obama to take Medicare cuts off the table during negotiations over raising the debt ceiling.

Can you tell President Obama you'll have his back if he stands strong and doesn't let the Republicans hold the economy hostage to force cuts to Medicare? Click here to sign:

Thanks for all you do.

Daniel, Joan, Wes, Michael, and the rest of the team


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