Friday, June 3, 2011

We're gonna flashmob Wall Street. Want in?

Earlier this week, video emerged of the Fox News ticker getting hacked to tell the truth: We are being lied to - our country is not broke.
Whether or not the hack was real, the message is true: America is NOT broke. That's why we're bringing a 1000-person-strong flash mob to Wall Street's front door, and capturing the whole thing on film:

Come be a part of it, and tell Wall Street the truth to their face -  click here to sign up for our action in NYC.
Wanna get updates leading up to the event? Then just text WALLSTREET to 760-670-3130.

We'll go to Wall Street with all our friends and family to show the financial powers that be that we know they're lying, and we ain't gonna take it.
And just to show we care, we'll give the first 250 to show up a pair of free tickets to a sweet concert featuring hip-hop megastars The Roots! So let us know where you stand:

Yes, I'm going to be in NYC, or can be, to send Wall Street a message - let me sign up for the action.

I can't make it to Wall Street - but I can send them a message anyway by letting my friends know about it on Facebook or Twitter to support this action.

Thank you for all that you do to make this movement real.

Andrew Boyd, The Other 98%

P.S. Want to see the video of the Fox News ticker? Click here.

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