Friday, March 16, 2012

Flush Rush campaign: Don't let MO honor Rush with a statue in the state capitol
Folks, it was way back in the 1990s that National Organization for Women (NOW) started the FLUSH RUSH campaign against well-known anti-woman bully and conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh.

We're still flushing: you've heard about how Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives Steven Tilley wants to honor the man with a statue - a statue already being created according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch at the following link.

If you're like us at Missouri NOW, I know you wake up angry about this every morning, and signing petitions and flooding Speaker Tilley's office with phone calls hasn't helped. So I say we do something more. I say we HELP SPEAKER TILLEY FLUSH!


FIRST - get everybody you can to join this event, and come to the @Missouri NOW facebook page to leave us a comment of how you feel about Speaker Tilley's plan to honor Rush Limbaugh. (We won't say no if you decide to LIKE our page as well.)
Or, if you are so moved, email us with your comments at We'd like to deliver a copy of your email to Speaker Tilley's office as part of the second step below, unless you tell us differently.

SECOND - on Monday, March 19th, shortly after 6 PM, Missouri NOW will deliver in your name a roll of toilet paper to Speaker Tilley's office to help him FLUSH RUSH! We will assume that you would like us to include a copy of your email to deliver to him, unless you tell us differently.

THIRD - yes there's more you can do to help Missouri NOW HELP SPEAKER TILLEY FLUSH!!! Starting NOW and for the rest of the month of March and in honor of Women's History Month, send Speaker Tilley in the mail a square of toilet paper on which you've written the message FLUSH RUSH - or any other appropriate message you can think of. Send one every day if you can manage!

I say you don't have to live in Speaker Tilley's home district to do this. I say he's the Speaker and is a little more responsible to the whole state than another representative might be.

Speaker Tilley's office address is as follows:
MO House of Representatives
201 West Capitol Avenue
Room 308A
Jefferson City MO 65101

FINALLY, if you would like to donate to our organization to help us purchase the staggering amount of toilet paper that Speaker Tilley may end up needing to help him FLUSH RUSH, we would be very happy to accept. Simply send donations (make checks payable to Missouri NOW) via snail mail to:

Missouri NOW
203 Brewer Drive
Columbia, MO 65203

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