Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sat. 3/10/12 - Emergency Action for Reproductive Rights in Bronx

New York Coalition for Abortion Clinic Defense

Emergency Action - Saturday March 10th | 8:30 AM to Noon @         
Dr Emily Women's Health Center 560 Southern Boulevard, Bronx NY

In commemoration of International Women's Day and to counter the increasing nationwide attacks on women's rights, we call for an emergency action to counter the ultra-right's planned attack on Dr Emily Clinic in the South Bronx on Saturday March 10th.

Who are the Protestors and what are they planning?

The protestors want to impose their ultra-conservative religious viewpoints on the women of the Bronx, and have made Dr Emily Women's Health Center a target of their campaign. This ultra-right group is planning a church service and march to the Dr Emily Clinic on Saturday March 10th at 8:30 AM.  They are against reproductive freedom, including birth control, sex education, and sex outside of marriage.  They subject patients to scare tactics, intimidation, and humiliation in an attempt to bully them into not having an abortion or using contraception. 

40 Day War against women

The Dr Emily Clinic is the front line and major offensive of their attack. This is the time when feminists and all supporters of reproductive rights need to defend the clinic, and outnumber the enemies of women's reproductive rights. 

What are Clinic Escorts and Defenders planning in response?

To protect the clinic and counter these attacks – making sure the doors of the clinic stay open and giving women safe access to health services - we urge you to be at the clinic between 8:30 AM and Noon. Come early to secure the space.

Dr  Emily Women's Health Center – 560 Southern Boulevard (E149th St. Station (6) or BX19 Bus)  Contact NYCACD at nyc.acd1@gmail.com           
212-222-0633 | Facebook: New York Coalition for Abortion Clinic Defense

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