Monday, March 19, 2012

URGENT! 5pm Deadline To Protect New Yorkers in Health Care

The Health Budget Conference Committee Will Meet to Discuss "Prescriber Prevails" Today at 5 p.m.
 Your Help is Needed to Ensure:
Ø  Doctors have the final say in the medications they prescribe.
Ø  Patients aren't FORCED to FAIL FIRST on treatments.
What You Need to Know:
Ø  New Yorkers previously had these protections! They were excluded from the budget last year.
Ø  Patients are being adversely affected.
Health & Safety Are At Risk
 Please share this Action Alert with your membership via Email, Facebook, and Twitter. The more calls we make, the closer we get to winning this battle.
 Please CALL All Committee Members TODAY.
TELL THEM TO: "Restore Prescriber Prevails for Medicaid Patients in the NYS Budget!"
Contact Information Included Below and Attached.
­ Assemblyman Sheldon Silver, Assembly Speaker
Albany Office Phone: 518-455-3791
 Assemblyman Richard Gottfried
Albany Office Phone: 518-455-4941
 Assemblyman Joseph Morelle
Albany Office Phone: 518-455-5373
 Assemblywoman Crystal People-Stokes
Albany Office Phone: 518-455-5005
 Assemblywoman Joan Millman
Albany Office Phone: 518-455-5426
 Assemblyman Charles Lavine: 
Albany Office Phone: 518-455-5456
 Assemblyman Lou Tobacco
Albany Office Phone: 518-455-4495
 Assemblyman Andrew Raia
Albany Office Phone: 518-455-5952
 Senator Kemp Hannon
Albany Office Phone: 518-455-2200
 Senator William Larkin 
Albany Office Phone: (518) 455-2770
 Senator Catherine Young
Albany Office Phone: (518) 455-3563
 Senator Martin Golden
Albany Office Phone: (518) 455-2730
 Senator David Valesky
Albany Office Phone:  (518)-455-2838
 Senator Jose Peralta
Albany Office Phone: (518) 455-2529
 Senator Liz Kruger
Albany Office Phone: (518) 455-2297

Samantha Paz
Director of Health Advocacy
Hispanic Federation, Inc.
55 Exchange Place, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10005
Main: (212) 233-8955 ext 145

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