Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Help pass S. 1925: the real Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

The National Organization for Women helped write the VAWA and has been working on it ever since.

April 24, 2012
 Please forward to everyone you know who cares about ending domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking! 
VAWA could be debated on the Senate Floor as soon as Wednesday! Call your Senators today with this message: 
"I am/the members of my organization are constituents and we need our Senator(s) to vote for S. 1925.  S. 1925 is the real VAWA and has protections and services for ALL victims.  A vote for any other bill or unfriendly amendment is a vote AGAINST VAWA."
We agree with the Washington Post: S. 1925 protects victims and must pass.  A vote for any other bill or a vote for any amendment is a vote AGAINST VAWA.
On or after Wednesday, April 25, the Senate will adopt the motion to proceed to S.1925, a bill to reauthorize Violence Against Women Act of 1994.  This means we need to act FAST – contact your Senators TODAY.
Suggested Action:
1.        Tell senators to SUPPORT S. 1925 and OPPOSE the Grassley-Hutchison Substitute to S.1925 or any other amendments to S. 1925
2.        Sign onto our letter in support of VAWA

Action 1: Call your senator (http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm) with this message "S. 1925 is the REAL VAWA.  Vote no on the Grassley/Hutchison language and any other amendments to VAWA.  Support S. 1925.  A vote for any other language or amendment is a vote AGAINST VAWA.  I am your constituent and my views were taken into consideration in the development of S. 1925 – it reflects the needs of victims in your state." Please share NTF talking points on the Grassley/Hutchison language with your senators.
S. 1925 was carefully crafted with new provisions and refinements based on interviews with more than 2,000 law enforcement, court, prosecution, legal services, and victim services professionals from across the country.  Their message was clear: "We can't afford to turn anyone away.  Please give us the resources and tools to make sure that we can serve any victim who comes to our doors." 
The Grassley-Hutchinson language was drafted without input or consultation from the thousands of professionals engaged in this work every day. Their language includes damaging and unworkable provisions that will harm victims, cost money, and create new bureaucracies and unnecessary inefficiencies that would divert precious dollars from services.  A vote for the Grassley-Hutchinson language – or any other amendment is a vote AGAINST the real VAWA and will harm victims of violence.

Action 2: Sign onto our letter in support of VAWA and make sure your friends have too!
If you, your organization or someone you know hasn't signed our letter in support of VAWA, visit: http://4vawa.org/pages/vawa-supporters and email your name and organization to reauthorizeVAWA@gmail.com.
Thank you for all your great work!!  
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Don't forget to tweet about VAWA using the hashtags #ReauthorizeVAWA and #VAWA.
If you aren't on one of the VAWA email lists or want to add members of your staff or state/community leaders to our grassroots alerts e-mailing list, send names and contact information including email to Sean Black, sblack@icasa.org

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