Friday, April 20, 2012

Sat, April 28: Unite Against the War on Women

NOW Action Alert

Unite Against the War on Women!

April 20, 2012

[image - Unite Against the War on Women on 4/28/2012]

On Saturday, April 28, NOW supporters will join with other social justice advocates to Unite Against the War on Women. NOW urges you to add your voice and presence to the Unite events taking place across the country.

Rallies, marches and protests are planned for numerous cities and states on April 28. This is a time to stand up for women's equality, dignity and the right to make personal health decisions. Unite Against the War on Women is a grassroots movement. Find out if an action is taking place near you by visiting the UniteWomen website and then check with your local NOW chapter to see if they are participating.

Conservative lawmakers, the Catholic Bishops, media blowhards and other radical right-wingers have declared a war on women. These attacks are coming from every direction and on every issue we care about, including reproductive rights, health care, equal pay, violence against women, and the list goes on.

NOW is dedicated to ending this war, and we encourage you to help demonstrate our strength and passion to these bullies! Let's stand in solidarity across the nation and Unite Against the War on Women!

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