Thursday, May 10, 2012

Politico: GOP slammed on Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) bill

Once again, the National Organization for Women (NOW) leads the battle to protect ALL victims against domestic violence, rape and abuse.

From Politico:
GOP slammed on women violence bill
By: Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer

May 3, 2012 06:06 PM EDT

Homophobic. Anti-victim. Racist. Elitist.

That's what some of the nation's most prominent women's groups think of the House Republican version of the Violence Against Women Act. It's the most recent interjection of women's issues into contemporary politics, and a clear sign that the GOP's VAWA bill isn't a slam dunk with prominent members of the women's community.

Opponents of the GOP bill say that the legislation needs special protection for gay, immigrant and Native American victims.

"There are some real differences of opinion here. as far as we're concerned," said Juley Fulcher, who attended the meeting on behalf of Break the Cycle. "What is in the bill that was introduced by Rep. [Sandy] Adams is not a reauthorizaiton of the Violence Against Women Act. It's a roll back."

Terry O'Neill, the president of NOW, associates herself with the letter sent to the committe, and told POLITICO "the agenda that is being promoted by the Adams bill is racist and homophobic and leaves women behind, and it's not OK."

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