Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Five atheists who ruin it for everyone else

This article is another example that bigots and extremists exist in every group.  Although I don't agree with many things on the article, I think it's important to recognize the danger of blind faith - including among atheists.

One of my favorite parts is below, since a well-known feminist and I had a long and disturbing conversation where she talked about her Islamophobia and how Islam - not terrorism or global climate change - was the greatest threat to the world.  For those of you who equate Islam with terrorism, please look up state-sponsored terrorism and educate yourself.  If 1.6 billion people in the world - the number of Muslims - were terrorists, we would all be dead right now.

"You're four times as likely to die of a lightning strike than you are from a terrorist attack, and yet this constitutes the gravest threat to Western civilization, but 100,000 (at least) civilian casualties in Iraq is mere fodder for thought experiment apologia."


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