Monday, October 8, 2012

Slavery "may actually have been a blessing in disguise"

From sister National Organization for Women (NOW) National Board member China:

"Hi everyone
I thought I had seen and heard all of the asinine comments until I came across this one and please note this person is a State Representative!"

Moron politician calls slavery a 'blessing in disguise' for blacks

You think politicians can't dumbfound you anymore, even after Rep. Todd Akin says "legitimate rape" can't get women pregnant and Rep. Paul Broun calls evolution a lie from the "pit of hell." But then, Arkansas State Rep. Jon Hubbard goes and writes a book. It's called, "Letters to the Editor: Confessions of a Frustrated Conservative," and inside it he espouses a unique view of African-American history, asserting that slavery — and we quote here — "may actually have been a blessing in disguise." Sure, there was all that lynching, beating, raping, shackling, etc. — that part obviously sucked. But once that was over, black people were — and again we quote — "rewarded with citizenship in the greatest nation ever established upon the face of the Earth." Yeah … we're sure that made it all worth it, Jon. [Source]

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