Thursday, October 11, 2012

Taliban - the real infidels

As a Muslim feminist, this is hurtful on all fronts.  The Taliban are not Muslim - they stand against the most basic tenet of Islam - education.  The first words spoken to Prophet Mohammad was Iqra - read.  He put an end to female infanticide and fought for women's rights - especially the right to an education.  The Qur'an gave women rights unheard of in 7th century western nations then and for many more decades - the right to divorce, own property, etc.  The Taliban are the real infidels - going against the basic tenets of Islam, which stand for peace, respect and equality.

I disagree with Kristoff on certain points, such as his minimizing the drone attacks.  I have heard Afghani feminists speak, and the war is a huge threat to the country.  A girl's education is not going to matter much if she is dead from the war.  The argument to keep bombing and raping these Muslim nations for the sake of the women is far too similar to the justification used in the 18th and 19th century of the "white man's burden" to colonialize other people of color.

For feminism,

October 10, 2012, NEW YORK TIMES

Her 'Crime' Was Loving Schools


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