Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Reluctant Texan Pride

By: Molly Wadzeck Kraus

I spent my formative years in the Lone Star State, from birth until 18.  When I think about my past, fond memories of the scorching summer days, bluebonnets in the field across the street, and cotton candy at the State Fair play like a slideshow loop in my head.  My Texas heritage runs deep.  I still have my flag; I know how to properly fold it.  I still cook my favorite versions of Tex Mex.  I’ve always taken pride in being a Texan first, American second.  When I traveled alone for the first time (to New Zealand), I beamed when a Kiwi server at a restaurant exclaimed “Wow! I’ve never met a real-life Texan before.” 

AP reports: NYPD has labeled entire mosques as terrorism organizations, spied on them

The NYPD went much further than FBI, which we know is no bastion of progressive causes.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wed, 8/28: Action Alert: Macy's lobbied Rick Perry AGAINST equal pay

UltraViolet's going to be in NYC this Wednesday, and I think you'd be interested in joining us. Here's what's going on: Rick Perry recently vetoed a popular, bipartisan equal pay bill in Texas. It turns out, Macy's secretly lobbied him to veto it. This is a huge deal for women, and we need to show Macy's that they can't get away with this, in Texas or anywhere else in the country.

So on Wednesday, we'll be gathering at their flagship store in Herald Square — the best place to shine a spotlight on Macy's — and we need tons of people there to get the attention of the media. You should come!

Nearly 80,000 UV members have signed the petition demanding Macy's pledge to never lobby against equal pay again. We want to make a really big media splash and deliver the signatures to Macy's flagship in Herald Square.

We could really use your help--can you join us for the petition delivery this Wed, Aug 28 at noon in Herald Square?

What: Petition Delivery to Macy's Herald Square
WhenWednesday, August 28th at Noon
Where: 151 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001

I hope to see your there!

-Karin and the UltraViolet team


NPR News fail on race proves why #solidarityisforwhitewomen

Once again, I don't mean to offend anyone with the below. As I have mentioned, I have had wonderful white, feminist mentors. Not to mention, I am married to a wonderful, white man.

However, if you are not on Twitter, you may be missing this important conversation.

The #solidarityisforwhitewomen twitter conversation has gone beyond 140 characters to include radio interviews, articles and more. The latest is by NPR News, which fails miserably and shows once again, why the twitter handle rings true. They did a round table about the hashtag, but failed to include the black creator, or ANY woman of color. Instead, they included white, middle-class, feminist Jill Filopivic, whose misguided and seemingly racist actions prompted the twitter hashtag to begin with.

After all this outrage, you would think they would do a better job, but I guess they just don't care. It's racist business as usual, with white women benefiting from WOC's work while the WOC cannot get a feminist job.

Women Living Under Muslim Law Gazette

WLUML Gazette Edition #4 August 2013
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WLUML Gazette

Welcome to the 4th Edition!
  "Who cares about stoning?"

The question we asked the world on August 20th


WLUML shouted to the world this month asking who should care about stoning! The 'Who Cares about Stoning?' photography initiative will showcase all of the reasons why women around the world care that this brutal practice continues in the present day through personalized photos, or videos.  On October 11th, the International Day of the Girl, we will launch all of your words and images online to raise awareness of this issue and galvanize supporters into action. 
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 WLUML Highlights 


Gender and Equality in Muslim Family Law 

By Ziba Mir-Hosseini

Our WLUML networker, Ziba Mir-Hosseini, has written a new book entitled Gender and Equality in Muslim Family Law.

'What really is the notion of justice in Islam's sacred texts? Does it include the notion of equality for women before the law? If so, how are we to understand those elements of the primary sources of the Shari'a that appear not to treat men and women as equals? Can gender equality and Shari'a-based laws go together? ...They are at the core of a new book – Gender and Equality in Muslim Family Laws'

Africa's Most Outstanding Emerging Women Leaders: Aya Chebbi

We are extremely proud and excited to announce that one of our networkers, Aya Chebbi, has recently received the prestigious award as one of the 28 Africa's most outstanding emerging Women Leaders!

Eid Without Harassment

By Imprint Movement

'Imprint Movement and Anti-Sexual Harassment movement launched a campaign called "Eid without Harassment" which took place on Talaat harb square and street on the 9th and 10th of August from 4pm until 10pm. 

Voice of our Network

Killing the Arab Spring in its Cradle

By Karima Bennoune

'Many Tunisians I interviewed in the last month - in the political opposition, in academia, in the women's movement - told me that they felt threatened. "You are all Mohamed Brahmi," one mourner chanted on Thursday evening, among those weeping outside the slain activist's home.

"The entire left is under threat," a young female activist in the southern city of Sfax whose party is the Popular Front coalition to which Mr. Brahmi belonged, said earlier this month. Just last week, a law professor and women's rights activist, Sana Ben Achour, warned of the real possibility of violence. "We must be very vigilant," she urged.'

Le Femme de la Revolution

'Dès le début du 20e siècle les femmes tunisiennes ont joué un rôle déterminant dans l'obtention de l'indépendance de leur pays. Comme les hommes furent arrêtés et emprisonnées après le manifestations qui ont amené les français et leur protectorat à se retirer et à reconnaitre l'indépendance du pays le 20 mars 1956...'

The Uprising of Women in the Arab World: 
By Sally Zohney

'Despite the continuing efforts of individuals and organisations, the fact remains that to be born a woman in the Middle East presents a set of challenges, problems, and often dangers. We got in touch with Sally Zohney, a founding member of The Uprising of Women in the Arab World, and asked her to tell us a little about the organisation and what it works to achieve...'

Events and Activities

International Humanitarian Law Dialogs featuring Karima Bennoune
August 25th - 27th

See more...

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer - Film screening
October 3rd, 7pm

See more...

Transgressing the Gulf: Dissidence, Resistance and Potentiality in the GCC States
September 9th - 11th

See more...

Nottingham Women's Conference
September 21st

See more...

News and Resources

Pakistan: Hijacked justice system: Women challenge men in first female jirga
Read more...

Sweden: Women don headscarves after assault on a Muslim woman

Nuba: Free women detainees now! Victims and heroes: Women struggle in two years of war
Iran: Women's rights activists stop the registration of anti-women tradition as 'national heritage'

Tunisia: Activists must reclaim a co-opted movement

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Sat, Sept 28: Gender Amplified Music Festival in NY

On September 28, 2013, women and girls from around the United States will come together for a free, day-long event on the Barnard College campus in New York City to discuss the state of women in music production, how to get involved in the technical side of the music industry, and the relationship between music production and commerce. The festival will feature live performances by artists includingTHEESatisfaction, Alluxe aka Laura Escudé (Electronic Creatives), and Genesis Be, industry panels, and instructional workshops geared to high school youth to encourage them to pursue studies in music production and technology.

Instructional Workshops

  • Music Production for Film & TV: Come learn the ways in which music and sound editing are used to enhance the moving image. Learn about the concept of syncing sound to images and the production technologies associated with the field.
  • Turntablism 101: DJs are the center of today's music culture. From DJ Rheka to DJ Havana Brown, women are gaining an international following as masters of the mix. In this tutorial, festival participants will have a chance to observe the basics of scratching vinyl records and mixing 2-3 pre-produced songs together. Topics covered will include: turntable anatomy, basic scratch techniques, set composition and popular DJ software.
  • Music Production on Smart Phones: An Introduction to Music Production on Mobile Devices for Girls: Today's youth are attached to their mobile devices. From the iPad to the BlackBerry, sophisticated mobile technologies enable users to create music anywhere and everywhere. The aim of this workshop is to expose young girls to the power of their mobile devices and the ever-changing landscape of music technologies. Some mobile applications that will be presented include: BeatMaker, Maschine and FourTrack.
  • Making the Connections: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math in Music Production: Producing music may seem divorced from standard school curriculum, but there are many concepts in music production that connect to academic subjects, and lots of schoolwork that can provide an excellent foundation for working in music technology. Learn how to make your schoolwork work for you in the studio and apply your passion for music in the classroom.

WCC Calls for Removal of Assembly Speaker Silver

Honor Bella Abzug, who began Women's Equality Day

Many of you may know that today is Women's Equality Day. President Obama made a proclamation in honor of the event. What you may not know is that at the behest of Rep. Bella Abzug (D-NY), in 1971 the U.S. Congress designated August 26 as "Women's Equality Day."

Please honor Bella and her legacy by supporting the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute, which trains high school, middle school and college-aged women to become leaders. I am honored to be on the board, which includes Gloria Steinem. I have personally witnessed the results, especially with girls from underserved communities. Please support them now:

If you cannot donate but have contacts who may want to volunteer or know of others who can donate, please forward them the info. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Call For Submissions: Muslim Women’s Art & Voices

Take part in this revolutionary exhibition, which has created international buzz since its launch! We encourage you to submit your art, creative writing, personal stories, journalism, music, audio, video, photography, animation, or any form of media for consideration. You do not need to be Muslim to be included in the exhibition!

- See more at:

Monday, August 19, 2013

Yes, Virginia, Islamophobia Is Racism

Within feminist circles, I have been told that we cannot discuss Islamophobia via the anti-racism committee of organizations or that we cannot discuss it during anti-racism trainings because "Islamophobia is not racism." The following article makes a good argument why that is not true.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Experiencing Feminism as a WOC: A response to the Twitter Battle

Posted by: Latest Rant

When Jerin asked me to put together some thoughts about the Twitter fight that had erupted over the coverage/non-coverage of a feminist event, and how this inflamed a dichotomy within our ranks between feminists who are and are not WOC, I have to say that I had a bit of a time getting my thoughts together, mostly because there is so much, and also so little to say on the matter.

I also had some concerns that I would be attacked for what I say. 

Sun, Aug 25: Join me and other young feminists to watch new feminist teen play! (Gloria Steinem recommends.)

Please find below a note from feminist director Katie Capiello.

Eagle Roosting Trees & Salmon Habitat in Jeopardy: Comments on Haines Highway Project EA

Please forward.

If any of you would like to help, please contact the person below.

This is my husband's beautiful home town. 

Please help save it. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Scared of Terrorist Threats?

Almost 12 years ago when our government was beating the drums of war, we declared CODEPINK for peace. Today, that same fear is continuously instilled in us, with new terrorist threats surfacing, citizens constantly being surveilled, embassies closing around the world, and more innocent civilians being slaughtered by US drone strikes-- all in the name of national security. Here at CODEPINK we've come up with a list of 10 ways to break the cycle of fear and war:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


August 6, 2013

Please forward widely!

After 7 Years, Senate Finally Confirms Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms (ATF) Director! Tell Your Senators This is Only the First Step: We Need Universal Background Checks to Save Women's Lives!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Who's the biggest women's rights offender?

Across the nation, states like Texas and North Dakota are passing reactionary laws that restrict or drastically regulate abortion and women's access to reproductive health services.

Proponents claim these bills protect women's health. But they're not fooling us!

NOW has created a special site where you can learn about the worst women's rights offenders — those who are working actively to take away our reproductive rights.

Having It All Without Having Children,9171,2148636,00.html
Before anyone gets angry, I have the deepest respect for moms - especially mine - but I am grateful to feminism for reminding me I have the option not to be one.