Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Today Matters: help us win in 2014

National Organization for Women

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Today is Giving Tuesday and it's all about celebrating nonprofits and the things we do together to change the world.
Will you support our work to protect women's rights?
We have to be at the top of our game for all of 2014 and NOW Foundation has a plan to promote our issues. We are going to make sure that everyone who supports women's rights is registered to vote and knows exactly what is at stake for women in the state legislatures and Congress. We are going to fight back against attacks on abortion rights and promote equal pay for all workers. We're going to win marriage equality in more states. We're going to continue to protect and expand Social Security and Medicare benefits.
And we need your support to make sure this vision becomes a reality.
We had an exciting year of wins in 2013 such as the reauthorization of VAWA, stopping the first-ever municipal ban on abortion, and achieved marriage equality in 6 states. We need to have an even bigger year of victories in 2014 and show that being anti-women's rights isn't a winning strategy.
On this Giving Tuesday we're grateful for the generosity of NOW Foundation donors -- like you -- and for your continued support.
Thanks for all the work you do for women's lives.

For women's lives,

Terry O'Neill, President
National Organization for Women

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