Monday, February 17, 2014

Check Out These Awesome Valentines Pics!

Check out the awesome pics our supporters, @KatyRosePhoto and @MullenKat posted of the Valentine's Day cards they purchased through our fundraiser! Way to spread the feminist cheer this Valentine's Day! You gals rock!

Katy Timney (@katyrosephoto) created feminist art with her Valentines...

Katy writes: "I found a better use for this overly photoshopped beauty product advertisement..."

Heart hole punch!!! @katyrosephoto
Simple, yet creative! @katyrosephoto

Katie Mullen (@mullenkat) paired her feminist Valentines with Chocolate kisses! She handed them out at the Office of Maryland Delegate Ariana Kelly (D) where she works! Progressive politics mixes well with feminist Valentines!

Kisses and cards! The perfect Valentine's Day gift!

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