Thursday, September 25, 2014

Help Save Crime Victims Treatment Center for survivors of domestic & sexual violence #saveCVTC

At the end of July, CVTC was notified that beginning October 1, 2014, we will lose 46% of funding from our primary public funder. This news was devastating and completely unexpected.  We're working hard to find sustainable future funding, (you'll see what we've been doing below), but beginning October 1, we will need $30,000 per month to keep CVTC operating at its current capacity.  Without it, upwards of 600 survivors of crime each year will lose the services they need to heal.

Please read on to learn a bit more about the groundbreaking work for which CVTC is known and about the thousands of survivors our work has helped (and will help) to heal.  We need to mobilize on many fronts and are asking you to make use of your network and resources to help us do it.  Whether it’s connecting us with your employer’s corporate giving program, donating on our website, organizing an event on our behalf, or simply sharing this letter with others, we are deeply grateful for your support.

With your support, we can and will survive this crisis.
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What We're Doing
  • Meeting with City and State legislators (Assembly Members Rosenthal and Gottfried, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, individuals from the Governor's Office) to gather support for CVTC. 
  • Launching the #saveCVTC social media campaign
  • Securing a large corporate gift matching program
  • Researching private foundation funding sources 
  •  Working with our partners, BroadwayUnlocked on the fourth annualGive Back concert, all the proceeds of which will go directly to CVTC
What YOU Can Do To Help
  • Donate! Every little bit helps us toward our goal.
  • Share this email with your personal and professional contacts
  • Use Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Any other social media platform to share this news and inspire support.  Use the hashtag #saveCVTC.
  • Buy tickets to the Broadway Unlocked Give Back Concert onNovember 3 at Greenspace NYC! Special CVTC supporter early bird tickets are on sale now until Monday! Use the passwordSAVECVTC2014  Click here.
  • Have other ideas?  We'd love to hear them!  Call Christopher at 212 523.4494 to put them into action!
The Crime Victims Treatment Center (CVTC) is the largest and most comprehensive hospital-based victim service organization in New York State.  Since 1977, CVTC has been supporting survivors of violent crime from the moments after an attack through the culmination of their healing process.  This support comes in the forms of crisis intervention, trauma-focused individual and group therapy, legal advocacy, holistic therapies, and psychiatric consultation.  CVTC also collaborates with a deep network of partners across the city and state to eliminate gaps in service and ensure continuity of care for survivors.

Our services are available to any survivor of a violent crime, including sexual assault, domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, human trafficking, stalking, physical assault and family members of individuals who were murdered. Since our inception we have offered all of our services completely free of charge.  CVTC continues to serve as a model for similar programs across the country and worldwide in the progressive and innovative treatment of emotional trauma resulting from victimization.

At the end of July, CVTC was notified that its public funding would be cut by 46% beginning October 1, 2014.  That equates to a yearly loss of $360,000.  This news was sudden and completely unexpected.

If CVTC is unable to find these lost funds elsewhere it will mean the collapse of New York State’s leading victim services program. We would be forced to eliminate our Spanish and Mandarin-speaking programs, Teen Survivor program, Human Trafficking Survivor program, Homicide Survivor program, Holistic Therapy program and Psychiatric program. Being forced to lay off the staff responsible for these programs would leave CVTC unable to provide the healing and life-saving services for which we are known to the 1,200 survivors per year who rely on us for them.  Because CVTC is unique in the scope of its comprehensive services, and provides them free of charge to any survivor of violence, the majority of our clients have nowhere else to go for the help they need and deserve.

On behalf of our 16 staff members, 177 Volunteer Rape Crisis and Domestic Violence Emergency Room Advocates, 18 Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners and all of the thousands of people who have walked through the doors of CVTC, thank you.  Please feel free to contact us by calling 212 523.4728 or visiting cvtcnyc.orgshould you care to learn more about our program.  
The Services We Provide
The chart below demonstrates growth in direct services provided to survivors of crime over the past seven years. During this time CVTC staff and volunteers havedoubled the number of services provided to victims.  That number is on the rise and will continue to grow only if we find the funding we need.  (Please note that the service categories below are state-mandated categories and not inclusive of all services provided by CVTC.)
The People We Serve
CVTC serves a diverse population of clients who come from all over New York City, Westchester, Connecticut, New Jersey and Nassau County.   CVTC works with any survivor of a violent crime.  Directly below is a representation of our client population by gender based on crime in 2013.
Over the past five years, CVTC has made a concerted effort to increase services to non-English speaking clients, young men of color, and adolescents.  For these populations of victims, accessing the services needed to heal is particularly challenging.  We believe in providing equal access to all victims of violence.

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