Friday, September 19, 2014

THIS SUNDAY in NYC: People's Climate March - NEW MEET-UP LOCATION!

Hope you can join me and friends below. I will be marching with NOW rounds and hope to see many Hunter College folks.

THIS SUNDAY in NYC: People's Climate March - NEW MEET-UP LOCATION!
On Sunday, 21 September, we're RISING at the People's Climate March in NYC!
This will be the largest climate march in history - by showing up together, we'll let our world leaders know that we will not stand by while they continue to ignore this crisis.
PLEASE NOTE: We have a NEW MEET-UP LOCATION - 68th Street and Central Park West at 11am!. Look for the One Billion Rising: Revolution banner, first few activists to arrive will receive a RISE FOR REVOLUTION t-shirt!
Together we stand for the Earth and future generations. Together we can make our voices heard. Together we can create a revolution.
Assembly Location:
68th Street and Central Park West
Assembly Time: 11:00am
NOTE: Join the One Billion Rising NYC Facebook Page for updates and additional info.
  • A bottle of water
  • A poster or banner - be creative and make your own, or download a Peoples Climate March poster here >

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Vegaia said...

This should be our first step in the Climate March!

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