Thursday, October 30, 2014

Feminist "my lingerie play" by Diana Oh Nov 16th

From our member Siobhan:

I'm typing with one hand, which cramps, so I'll keep this short---

I'm attending a really awesome looking FREE installation called "my lingerie play" by Diana Oh. It's about street harassment, intersectionality, and underwear. It seems. I'm going Sunday, November 15th. We have to rsvp in advance, so check out this link if you'd like to go out and hang out and support this woman's work!! 

NOW YFA member to speak at an Orthodox feminist conference

At the first virtual chapter of NOW, we are so proud of our member Talia, who will be speaking at an Orthodox feminist conference. She is one of our diverse members who proves that your religious affiliation - whether orthodox, reformed, agnostic, or atheist - does not have to hinder your feminism. Like me, she argues that our religions require us to be feminists. Please read about Talia, who is a Harvard student, below.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

What's Your Feminist Tree? Giving thanks to your feminist roots and spreading your feminist branches: #myfem2tree Tumblr & Google Hangout

Who inspired your feminism? Was it your grandmother who awakened you to the inequalities women and girls face? Was it your mom who led by example? Perhaps a teacher who grew into a mentor? Maybe it was the work of an author you never met, like Bell Hooks’s Feminism is for everyone. Maybe it was more recent, like the speech from Emma Watsonwho urged both women and men to reclaim the other f-word and take on the battle for gender equality. 

Give her - or him, or them, or it - some proper thanks during our #myfem2tree tweetchat on Thursday, October 16, 2014, 1pm EST – 2pm EST. We want to know where your feminist roots began: whether from a person, book, or organization. And we also want to know how you plan to spread your branches through the feminist activism you are engaging in or hope to engage in.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

According to France, biggest threats to public safety are Muslim women

The articles below describe the Islamophobic atmosphere in France, which makes Muslim women feel alienated and want to leave.

The French Government supposedly banned hijabs, burqas and other religious head coverings out of safety concerns. Because, you know, there are such high rates of Muslim women running around committing crimes. In fact, Muslim women are the most dangerous group of people in the world, responsible for physically and or sexually assaulting one in three women worldwide. Oh, wait! That's actually men. Men are the most dangerous group of people, responsible for over 90% of the assaults that happen every day, including every nine seconds in America alone. If the French government actually cared about the safety of its people, it would look into the toxic patriarchal culture, which tells men they must be violent to be masculine.*  Instead, they are focusing on a made-up problem to excuse their racism and sexism.

*Most men are not violent, but violent men, especially rapists, will have multiple victims.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Women's eNews: Why I'm Not Buying Beyoncé's Brand of Feminism

The following post from another woman-of-color explains my problems with the brands of feminism celebrities like Beyoncé and Miley Cirus promote.

Jimmy Carter Publicly Supports Sex-Trade Survivor Summit in New York City

President Jimmy Carter has just endorsed this incredible sex-trade survivor-founded, survivor-led organization!  Please kindly share the press release:

A press conference will be held October 17th at 11 AM in the Clarke Room of The Strand Hotel, 33 West 37th Street, where SPACE members will be available to answer questions. For more information, please visit, follow @SPACEintl, or contact

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Easy and inexpensive Feminist Halloween costumes

If you are as sick of sexy-fill-in-the-blank costumes for women as me, you probably heard of Take Back Halloween.The website is a “costume guide for women with imagination.” I love their efforts. However, being a busy New Yorker who works to support my feminism habit, I want something easy and inexpensive. Some of my suggestions are below.

1.     Virginia Woolf: Last year, I used black eyeliner for wolf makeup and wore the cutout of the map of Virginia around my neck.
2.     bell hooks: Last year, my hubby wore bells around his neck with hooks and carried a copy of "Feminism is for everybody."
3.     Malala Yousafzai: Ok, this one and below are easy and inexpensive if you are like me or over 1 billion people in the world who own desi outfits. Just wear a salwar kameez with a chador and hold a book or one of Malala’s quotes. I like, “"I want every girl, every child, to be educated."
4.     Begum Roquia Sakhawat Hussain: Bangladeshi and Muslim feminist who was one of the first female writers of science fiction, who predicted solar power in 1905. Just wear a sari and carry a copy of Sultana's Dream.

Please add yours.